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1neglakay currently has 97,000 followers, and our monthly impressions are 3,828 500. This astronomical number puts us in the same category with pages with 100k plus followers even though we don’t have that amount.

The team behind 1neglakay consists of the voice: Rick V, the brain, David J, the face, Dave D, and the leg, Lou S . We pride ourselves in creating authentic and wholesome content. We also pride ourselves in interacting with our followers in the comment section, highlighting their achievements such as graduation, businesses, or anything that promotes Haitian excellence.

In addition to creating funny memes and videos, 1neglakay also created three hit shows, and two of them are currently playing on our YouTube page, 1neglakaytv.

The first show is called emperor Jacques; it’s an animated series about how the fearless Emperor Jean Jacques Dessalines freed the Haitian slaves.


The second show is called Black Bankou; it’s a Haitian superhero series filled with action and suspense.


In the fall, our third show Kreyol pale Kreyol konpran’n will be playing on our YouTube page. It’s a game show where selected participants will compete against each other via zoom. Season 2 will be recorded live in Fort Myers, Fl.

Our website 1neglakay.com is fully operational, and it contains our most recent merch; the 1neglakay hat, and it also contains a blog that addresses current topics in the Haitian entertainment industry.

The team of 1neglakay has many more projects in store, such as movies, documentaries, more merch, two fully-equipped studios, and we are also planning our first event. It will feature some of your favorite influencers, and it will also recognize those that are doing a superb job in our community.

The brand 1neglakay is just getting started, and our goal is to continue to entertain, motivate, uplift, and educate our followers by creating funny, wholesome, and informative content.


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