Who we are

1Neglakay, your favorite Haitian household brand, keeping Haiti on the map.
It was one random afternoon back in 2014 when the founder of 1Neglakay, Wesley Samedi, realized how difficult it was to find authentic Haitian culture around him. The culture that he grew up loving, a culture that’s full of laughter, rich in traditions, and beautifully sown inside each one of us.

Whether you are a diaspora or 1st generation Haitian-American, if you grew up in a Haitian household, there are just some things about your identity that are hard to deny or forget. Those same experiences connect us with other Haitians all over the world.

One’s culture is valued and protected when it’s appropriately promoted within a community. But what do you do when that community is not always in close quarters? 1Neglakay connects Haitians worldwide with laughter and fond memories of our relatable childhood experiences. The Food, the butt-whoopings, the jokes, and the history worth being proud of.

Since it’s inception

1Neglakay has become a favorite digital platform for many Instagram users.
However, our people are more than just the best of cooks and natural-born comedians. We are multitalented, resilient, and intelligent. Therefore, 1neglakay gets behind our people who are thriving in their communities by highlighting their works, new ventures, and boss moves. We may have started with just 200 followers, but we have been growing. As to date, we are at 88k+, and we are confident that we will continue to grow as we continually represent our culture well and keep the spot on the heart of many Instagram user’s as their favorite platform. That is why our memes have gone viral and reposted by other popular platforms. Because it is not just about laughter, but authenticity. We take pride in providing authentic and wholesome content that can be enjoyed by all Haitians all over the world. We want to continue to bring to you all the best of the culture by using our platform as a marketing tool to promote business owners, entertainers, Independent artists, and more. Our followers have long been awaiting these services, and we are pleased to now be able to provide just that.

Those services will now aid us to monetize our page legally. This means you have a place to finally showcase your gift, talents, grow your business, and have a voice.